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Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos, Texas - CMRA #11 Keith Hertell on 2007 Yamaha R6

New Track Record CCW 1:21.144

Cosmo Hertell - R6

Cosmo Hertell #999 - Motorsport Ranch - Cresson, Texas/12 

Cosmo Hertell - GSXR1000

​Harris Hill Raceway - San Marcos, Texas

Harris Hill Raceway

​2007 Yamaha R6 Clockwise

Lars and Keith @ H2R

​Harris Hill Raceway - San Marcos, Texas

Lars Remsen (GSXR1000) and Keith Hertell (R6) having fun at Harris Hill. Cosmo Hertell on an '89 Honda CB-1 near the beginning.

Brandon Altmeyer appears around the 6:00 minute mark.

Brandon Altmeyer #291

​2012 Season Preview

Brandon Altmeyer #291

​Harris Hill Raceway weirdness

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